Easy.. maybe a little to easy.

This week was pretty easy. We started off by picking an actual website builder. I chose because it was very easy for me to move things around. I am not very tech savy, so I have to go the easy route. It's ok, is a really good website builder and also is pretty cheap. I don't want to be getting a site that will glitch out every other second. I want to start getting into it a little more and I will be able to because I came back from my work in Florida.

I also was able to figure out how to use Pay Pal. I guess we can have a payment button on the webpage that can fit our website design. This is really cool because it will not be awkwardly there.

Overall, this week was pretty easy, but I have a feeling it is going to get a little harder pretty soon. We will see. Just hope I am able to understand everything.

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